La Odisea de la Historia is a cultural tourism company that aims to teach history from a completely different view. This concept comes from the educational necessity of spreading history, not as a succession of great events or figures, but as an enjoyable and emotional story about the history of our thoughts, our costumes and our way of behaving. All in all, our aim is to give social history and the history of mentalities the importance they deserve.

Our project is not a recent one. It has come a long way ever since we started it when we were still studying at university. Humanities were and are our passion, and after some projects, triumphs and failures, La Odisea de la Historia was finally born. Its business approach was developed in the Santander Yuzz’s “Jóvenes con ideas” program, which, according to the European network E.L.I.S.A.N (European Local Inclusion and Social Action Network), is one of the most renown cradle of businesses in Spain. The support that CISE and SECOT Foundation provided us was, and still is, a referent to entrepreneurship and to apply business innovation to historical divulgation and cultural management.