At the table of Jesus: flavours of the Last Supper

Have you ever asked yourself what was served at the Holy Supper? Would you like to get closer to the times of Jesus Christ through taste?

Specially for Holy Week, La Odisea de la Historia has created this activity where we want to discover the flavours of Antiquity and learn more about the historical implications that the Last Supper had.

The Last Supper is such an important biblical episode for Christianity, and one cannot forget, for example, how important the different interpretations of the Eucharist- a symbolic remembrance of the Last Supper- were for the Reformation. This change led to the big schism of the Church in the Early Modern period. One of the biggest differences among Catholics and Protestants is due precisely to the conception of the Last Supper.

This cultural workshop will address the historical, philosophical and religious dimension of the Last Supper. Carlos and Moisés, our historians, will guide this soirée with interesting explanations about the symbolism of this unique biblical episode, placing it in the mystic-religious tradition of the banquets along the Ancient Mediterranean Sea. Through this speech, one could get to know better the implications of this episode in Christianity, as well as analyse the mark it left on the History of Art. All this will be performed from an experiential approach, so that we will taste Last Supper-inspired dishes.

Our special Last Supper will consist of two main dishes, the first one made from lamb and the second one made from freshwater fish. In addition, you will be able to taste haroset (a sweet Jewish dessert made specially for this occasion), flatbread and wine. The activity will take place at the luxurious restaurant Baqvs, known in Seville as “the temple of wine”.

¿When? Sábado  17 de marzo a las 20:30.

 ¿Where? En el restaurante Baqvs (Sevilla)

Price per person: 50


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