Finis Gloriae Mundi: Black Death in the Sevillian Baroque

Since the mid-14th Century onwards, many cities in Europe were intermittently threatened by the plague. The Black Death, as it was best known in the period, turned into the deadliest plague in history.

The bubonic plague decimated entire populations. Its vicious attack radically changed people’s mentalities and the way our ancestors understood pain, illnesses, loss, art or religion. Some personalities of this period even thought this illness revolved around divine punishment. Boccaccio in his work The Decameron goes into detail:

“There made its appearance that deadly pestilence, which, whether disseminated by the influence of the celestial bodies, or sent upon us mortals by God in His just wrath by way of retribution for our iniquities, had its origin some years before in the East”.

The city of Seville was one of the most affected by the outbreaks of this pandemic. Since the 14th century and until the end of the 17th century, Seville suffered from serious scourges that left a mark in its streets and its culture that lasted forever. Nowadays, some rests of that divine wrath still remain. La Odisea de la Historia leads you to the medieval and early modern Seville through an experiential and unique format that shows the worst years of the city’s history.

If you want to discover what the hospitals of that time looked like, what protocols were followed by the doctors to send the illness into exile or meet in first-hand the testimonies of those who lost, everything they owned you should not miss this experiences. Besides, you will also be able to immerse yourself into this period through your senses with a multi-sensory experience by visiting the Hospital de la Caridad.

We don’t teach you history, you get to live it.

When? Friday, 22nd June, at 8:00 pm

Where? In the Hospital de la Caridad

Price for person: 25


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