Flavours from Italica

La Odisea de la Historia, La Despensa del Tiempo and Hidromiel Valhalla have joined together in order to create a unique disclosure project. In 2017, the 1900 anniversary of emperor Trajan’s death and, at the same time, emperor Hadrian’s rise to power is commemorated. There will be exhibitions, talks and workshops, but there will also be experiences. With us you will get closer to the Roman culture as you have never done it before: through investigation and through your own senses.

Flavours from Italica is not only a route, but a new way to understand experiential cultural tourism. We will visit the famous Italica, where we will learn archaeology, history and literature. We will also go in depth into the everyday life of the ancient Romans thanks to Cotidiana Vitae, a recreational space that directly transports us to the past. Afterwards, we will have a wine and mead tasting experience that will allow us to taste history and really appreciate those solitude fields that the poet Rodrigo Caro wrote about.

History, wine, mead and culture in a unique experience.

We don’t teach you history, you get to live it.


This route is not suitable for children.

Price per person: 20


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