In a village of La Mancha: Chasing Don Quijote

Valdepeñas, Puerto Lápice, Campo de Criptana, El Toboso, Argamasilla de Alba (4 days)

With this route we will go across the geography of the most important fictional story ever written: Don Quijote de la Mancha.

The first stop will be Valdepeñas, a place where the character created by Miguel de Cervantes will have to share his prominence with the local gastronomy. After that, we will visit Puerto Lápice, a small village which was scene of some adventures of our protagonist and later on we will head for Campos de Criptana, the place of the famous windmills that Don Quijote confused with ferocious giants. For the last part of our trip we will visit El Toboso, the village of Quijote’s lady love, Dulcinea, and we will finish in Argamasilla the Alba, supposedly the place whose name Don Quijote’s author had no desire to call to mind.


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