In Vino Veritas

La Odisea de la Historia has designed a unique activity in order to discover the history of viticulture. Through a biodynamic wine tasting of the prestigious F. Schatz wineries, we will follow the history of wine from Antiquity until nowadays, paying special attention to the mystic relation between humans, vine planting and nature.

Biodynamics seek a balance with the ecosystem in order to preserve and restore the Earth’s biological diversity. This almost mystical relation with the product lead us to a new conception of viticulture, and especially ecological wines. These wines follow the lunar and astronomical calendars, which reminds us of the primitive traditions of European agricultural history.

Would you like to taste different wines and take an approach to history as you have never done before?

We don’t teach you history, you get to live it.

This activity is not suitable for children.

Viernes 6 de Octubre a las 20:00h.

 ¿Dónde?  Restaurante Baqus,  Calle Sta. María la Blanca, 5 .

Esta actividad no es apta para menores.

Price per person: 20


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