Live the Opera

The city of Seville has been the inspiration to a great amount of artists over the course of our history. Our unique culture is one of the pieces that composes the beauty of this place. Beauty that attracts a myriad of tourists to our streets every year. Many writers and musicians chose to turn Seville into the setting where their stories would take place thanks to its romantic atmosphere, its history, its monuments and its people. All these features are reflected in the opera, a musical genre that might be perceived as unknown and difficult to access.

La Odisea de la Historia has created the route “Live the Opera” for you to learn a unique genre in the history of music beyond the stereotype. According to some experts, there are more than 100 works related, in one way or another, to Seville. During this cultural route you will be able to visit the places where the characters from Donizetti, Rossini, Bizet or Mozart once were. You will be able to enjoy some live and professional lyrical singing as well.

Once the route is finished, we will enjoy a wine tasting experience where we will share our opinions and discover the important relation between the opera and this millenary product. Are you going to miss it? Book it now.

In La Odisea de la Historia we don’t teach you history, you get to live it.

 Domingo 27 de Mayo a las 20:00h.

Duración estimada: 2 horas y 15 minutos

Price per person: 27


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