Witches’ Night

Witch-hunt was a characteristic phenomenon of Early Modern Europe, which meant the proliferation of witch trials all along the continent. This Witch-phobia meant an incalculable number of victims, mostly women, half of whom were burnt to death.

Researchers of all kind of fields have studied this strange phenomenon in order to explain it, whereas the image of the Witch has captured the popular imagination throughout centuries, and is still a source of inspiration of many works of art. But are we aware of everything that hides the concept witchcraft? Do we really know what is a witch? Or besides, do we know if witches have ever existed or if they actually exist now?

La Odisea de la Historia presents Witches’ night, a workshop where we approach the historical evolution of the concept of witchcraft and we analyze their mark in popular culture. The activity will be approached from an experiential perspective as there will be tastings, music and entertainment.

Are you going to miss the witches’ coven?

Price per person: 30


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