Lusitanian Seville

The city of Seville was a great political and economic centre during the early modern period. Ever since the border between Castile and Portugal was created, Seville functioned as a geostrategic point where diverse peoples competed against Portugal for the control of the market, specially when it came to African slaves. Many Portuguese people who were connected to Seville ended up settling down in the city and turning into great lords and benefactors of major works of art that are still treasured in this millenary city.

Some of these lords were ancestors of the Castilians Jewish who converted into Catholicism and escaped from the Spanish Inquisition during the processes of the 15th Century. During the 16th Century the Portuguese presence in Seville increased at a rapid pace, up to the point where some brotherhoods and palaces in the city were completely funded from Lusitanian finances.

Do you want to learn about the Portuguese Seville? Do you want to do it while drinking some Port wine and listening to live fado? Then you can’t miss “Lusitanian Seville”, a unique experiential route.

We don’t teach you history, you get to live it.

Sábado  14 de Octubre a las 19:00h.

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