Sex, Love & Wine in Ancient Rome

Sex? Love? Wine? What’s the relation between these three topics? You might be thinking now about orgy and roman bacchanals. You would probably say “those romans were so dissolute”.

With this cultural route we are going to talk about some topics that probably nobody ever explained to you: how did the prostitution work in Rome? Was the homosexuality  fully allowed? What was the reality of the bacchanals? You cannot miss this experience if you want to know about these fascinating things.

Besides our explanations, you will be able to touch archaeological recreations, to enjoy a harp’s performance and to taste some real roman wine. But… real roman wine? Yes, you have read properly: the last stage of our tour is a wine tasting of Baetica wineries, a company run by oenologists and archaeologists that have recreated the flavour of the wine which a roman citizen could drink during the Imperial age.

This is a completely different route about ancient Rome in which you can learn about some topics which are actually considered taboo. Definitely, this is a very original and funny way to approach Rome’s history.

We don’t teach you history, you get to live it.


 ¿Where?  En el Museo Arqueológico de Sevilla.

Duración estimada: 2 horas.

This activity is not suitable for children.

Price per person: 20


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